New Life Recovery — Privacy Policy

When our clients enter the addiction recovery program at New Life Recovery, there’s one value that we take the time to emphasize right out of the gate. That’s privacy. At our addiction recovery center, we recognize that many of our clients, for a variety of different reasons, have a desire to keep their personal information private. We completely respect this desire, and that’s why we spend extra effort to emphasize it.


First, we’ll ask you to keep any information you might glean about your fellow clients to yourself. At certain points during the addiction recovery process, you’re likely to learn something about your peers that they might want to keep private. In instances like this, it is your personal responsibility to respect their wishes. Those clients who fail to keep information about others in the center quiet are subject to disciplinary action. Thanks to this policy, however, you’ll be able to concentrate on your recovery while staying with us, knowing that your peers in the substance abuse treatment center are keeping your sensitive information under wraps.
In addition to ensuring clients keep information about their peers quiet, our staff is always trained to keep information confidential. Keeping details private is essential in any health care setting, but it can be particularly important in the addiction recovery setting. No matter what your situation, New Life Recovery is here to provide you with the environment you need in order to attain and maintain your recovery goals. Don’t hesitate any longer, contact us today!